Book work ...
Home Sometimes you get caught in your opponenents book .... Then it's a question of hard work! So well done Mark Davy, who here nearly completely refutes Black's book prep over the board but runs out of time and has to settle for a hard fought draw.

Enjoy the battle!

Mark Davey (Kings Head 2) - C Ramage (Woodbridge)date: Thu 16/4/2009

London League Div 2, board 3
Played at Golden Lane
time limit: 75mins for first 30 moves, then 15 back for rest of game

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f5 3.Nxe5 Nc6 4.Qh5+ g6 5.Nxg6 Nf6 6.Qh4
54 mins left

6...hxg6 7.Qxh8 Qe7 8.c3 Qxe4+ 9.Kd1 Ng4 10.d3 Nxf2+ 11.Kd2 Qf4+
Now white has 17 mins left, black has 58 mins left. (Black has been playing from the book, but White had to work it out at the board.

12.Kc2 Qg4 13.b3 Qd1+ 14.Kb2 Nxh1
after this massive disaster (black didn't think white had any threats so obviously wasn't looking too hard) white should win. But somehow I managed to avoid this. Having only 14 mins left didn't help !)

15.Bh6 d6 16.Qxf8+ Kd7 17.Qf7+ Ne7
(now I think I can win the N on e7, but I mess it up)

18.Nd2 Qh5 19.Bf8
thought I could not play Bg5 for some reason, but cannot remember now why

19...Qh4 20.Nf3
I thought this was ok, since after Qf2+ Qc5+ I thought I could play b4, but missed that this loses to Qxc3+

20...Qf2+ 21.Ka3 Qc5+ 22.Kb2 Qf2+ 23.Be2
only move I could think of to avoid the repitition

23...Qxe2+ 24.Ka3 Qe6
black offers a draw & a drink

25.Qxe6+ Kxe6 26.Re1+ Kf7 27.Bxe7 Nf2 28.Ng5+ Kg7 29.d4
here I wanted to play 29. Bd8, but only has 30secs left so was unsure

29...Bd7 30.Re2 Re8
(black offers draw) draw agreed (I hate agreed draws, as they are boring & you don't get the experience of the rest of the game. But here I think I may be slightly worse (probably would have been better if 29. Bd8) so accepted the draw) 1/2-1/2