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Middlesex League Website 

The Middlesex League have a web site at
http://www.middlesexchess.org.uk/ - there will be results, league tables
etc.  Their is also a London League site http://www.londonchess.com/

This friendly fencing club is the largest in London and in the UK. The Club runs regular fencing classes and is based in central London.

Daily Dose: This is one of the best Chess Links sites on the internet. A huge amount of sites, all reviewed in just the right amount of detail.

The Kenilworthian
frequently updated web blog about all things chess.

Chess Computers, Chess Games, Chess Clocks
ChessBaron for over 100 traditional and unusual designs of chess games, chess computers, chess clocks and theme chess sets.

Daily Prize Chess Puzzle  
Daily Chess Puzzle

http://www.4ncl.co.uk/ The 4NCL Offfical Website. The comprehensive pgn downloads are an invaluable resource for all standards of player. You should be able to find every single game played over the years by Kings Head players. Don't miss Korchnoi's Scoresheet!

Michael Goeller's Chess Links This is one of the best Chess Links sites on the internet. A huge amount of sites, all reviewed in just the right amount of detail. There are no spare words or graphics hanging around on this site. Superbly economic and tasteful design and some great stuff on the dangerous Urusov Gambit.

A fast loading site with great graphics. Loads of interesting articles, well laid out and easy to access. Check out espcially Notes from a small tournament and Scumbag tricks!

http://chesslab.com Fantastic site. Enter any position and it brings up games from it's 2 million game database. Rick has some games on!

Hemel Hempstead Chess Club Nice clean hypertext site with links to other sites within the text. Tim Berners Lee would be happy with this site!

FIDE Home of FIDE. We are included in the official FIDE catalogue.

http://www.bstephen.freeuk.com/index.html  At this website you can www.rochadekuppenheim.de This is the homepage of the German chess club Rochade Kuppenheim 1979 e.V. Most of its content is in German. It features some regular columns in English and German, offers various information about the club, some chess humour, cartoons and links. 

Kilkenny Chess Club Check out this brilliant site. Home of the Kilkenny Masters.

The UK Web Chess Guide Large Guide to UK Chess.

bcmlogo75.gifBritish Chess Magazine The well known  monthly chess magazine. 

http://www.chesscorner.com/ Tutorials, Puzzles, Games, Forums.

ABCbuttn.gif (1352 bytes) http://chess.about.com/ "I really enjoyed your selection  of members games" so says David Dunbar of About.com an American Review site ... so well done Rick, Alan, Di and Alex ... our pioneering contributors! Link to khcc: Article: Club sites are another good source for better-than-average amateur chess. The King's Head club in London, England has a knack for picking out entertaining games and providing them with engaging annotations. The games are scattered throughout the site, so the link is to the main welcome page.

http://homes.arealcitycom/newcastlechess Newcastle Chess Club. Thousands of Chessbase downloads available here.

Steve Pickles Chess Links Page A massive chess links page.

find out about the British Chess Solving Championship, the British Chess Problem Society and chess problems in general. You'll also find links to other interesting sites.This site links to one of our articles  The Most Stupid Move with the following warning To get an idea of how a chessplayer views a chess problem, visit this page of London's King's Head Chess Club website. Dedicated problemists are warned that their equanimity may suffer!

http://www.newinchess.com/ Website of  this well known Magazine. Has 1900 well sorted links.

www.chesscity.com Useful site edited by Eric Schiller, who writes great gambit books amongst others. See Quick on the Draw on this site  for an example.

This is London We are mentioned here, in the Online version of the Evening Standard.

http://www.uschess.org United States Chess Federation.

http://www.cambridgechess.org.uk Great club in Cambridge. And they've linked to us, a Great club in London!

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