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Colin Makenzie

Kings Head Players Guide 2009/10

In the London League the time limit is 36 moves in 1½ hours, 72 moves in 3 hours etc. If both players agree to a quickplay finish then the time limit is 30 moves in 1 hour 15 minutes followed by a 15-minute wind-back (except at Athenaeum where it's 36 in 1½ hours followed by 15 minutes).
In the Middlesex League the default position on quickplay finishes is the other way round: there is a quickplay finish unless both players agree otherwise or one is disabled. The time limit is either 36 moves in 1½ hours, 30 moves in 1¼ hours, or 30 moves in 1 hour, depending on the length of the session and whether a quickplay finish has been agreed or not.
If you are not invited to as many matches as you would like or have any other queries then please speak to one of the committee.
Home Venue
Our home venue is The Exmouth Arms, 1 Starcross Street, NW1. This is just round the corner from Euston Station (behind the IBIS Hotel) and is also close to Warren Street and Euston Square underground stations. If you arrive early please help your captain by setting up the pieces and, after the match, by tidying up and taking any empty glasses downstairs.
Team Squads and Nominations
The squad list shows which teams you are nominated for and which squads you are in. You should be invited to all matches for the team you are nominated for as a first choice player and for most of those whose squad(s) you are in unless/until you become ineligible by playing too many games for higher teams.
In practice players are often invited for more than one league and for more than one team in each league. The nominated players for each team are rarely all available and so reserves are called upon from other teams. The squad designations are intended to ensure that this happens in a fair way.
If you are nominated for a team you are ineligible to play games for a lower team in that league.  In addition, if you have played more than four games for higher teams you become ineligible to play for a lower team in that league, e.g. someone who has played four games for London League 2 and one for London League 3 remains eligible to play for London League 1, 2 and 3 but not London League 4.
If in any doubt whether you are eligible for a team please check with the captain.
Adjourned Games
Adjourned games can be played at the Exmouth Arms without prior booking but only on dates where we have a home match booked as shown on the fixture list. For London League matches, Golden Lane is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Please always bring your diary to matches so that you can arrange any adjournment on the evening of the match.  Tell your team captain the date arranged and inform him or her of the result promptly.


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