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Ding Ding Round 5

Alan Parsons
writes for  us with a nicely modest article about his mashin up some dutch big cheese

White to play and lose!!

37. e5+ dxe5

Position after 37. ... dxe5+

38. Ke4 Ke6

Position after 38. ... Ke6

39. a4

Position after 39. a4

If black plays Kd6 then Kf5 however

39 .... Kf6

Position after 39. ... Kf6

40. Kd5 Kf5

Position after 4. ... Kf5

Sod the Queens side pawn my once doubled queens pawn now wins me the game, am I as good as Gurevich? we both beat Van de Velde with black!!! (Ok so he's 800 Elo points higher than me and scored 3 more points but what that got to do with it?) 0-1



White to play and lose!

K Van de Velde (2203) - Alan Parsons
5th Round Ghent Open



Kings Head Chess Club 2010
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