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Capelle 99

The annual Kings Head trip to Cappelle -la-Grande was this time a chess success - always a good social occasion. A  group of about 30 boarded a coach from Eastbourne Terrace on Friday 27/5/99 for the May bank holiday weekend of chess and merry making in Dunkirk and Cappelle-la-Grande. We set off for Dover and a ferry crossing.In the old days we would get the train, but the idea of driving straight onto the ferry minimising customs has proved popular, plus having the coach for the whole weekend to drive us to and from the venue. Under the indomitable leadership of sergeant-major John McVicar we all knew we were in good hands.

After checking into our various hotels we didn’t quite have time to draw breath before we were off again to the champagne reception that our excellent French hosts put on each year. This event is held as a friendly match. It is organised and sponsored through Monsieur Gouvart - the Mayor of Cappelle-la-Grande, and the chess club of Cappelle-la-Grande.The next day, after wining and dining in Dunkirk, we tried to remember that we had a job to do for Queen and country by beating the French, this time at chess. So sore heads got into our coach for the 9am kick-off. Good strong coffee was on offer first thing to get you going. So game 1 of the 3 game match got under way - 2 hours for all moves - no mucking about. We were out-graded on most boards but won all the rounds, possibly surprising our French adversaries who had won on the last 3 occasions. When it all started in the early 80s we beat the French regularly, but over the last say 10 years they’ve started beating us more than we beat them.

This chess tradition between the Kings Head and Cappelle -la-Grande I think started way back in 1981. (A more detailed history may be available as another report later) There was first a railways chess connection which absorbed the Kings Head, and it ended up as the Kings Head versus Cappelle.

The strength of our team ranges from IM strength to junior, in practice from about 200 down to 80

There is also a tradition of having a junior squad incorporated into the team. We are also lucky enough to have women players on the team. I think Selena Cox, nee Chalk, and Diane Parsons got 3/3.

Fuller details of our May victory, which I think was by a 20 point margin, will be available soon, certainly when we entertain the French when they are visiting us from 18/19 September 1999 at our new venue the Marquis of Clanricarde - spectators welcome.
Editors note: Check out a John Nyman game from the above match. Also the pics.

Editors note: Check out a John Nyman game from the above match. Also the pics.



We Won the Cup!
Peter, victorious Captain




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