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is a project run by GM Alexander Baburin and provides daily news, interviews and instruction to a wide range of players. Each issue features one annotated game and news from around the world, while weekend issues have some instructional materials, particularly useful for club players. A typical issue will have between 2 and 3 pages. Subscribers will receive an attachment in PDF format, which they can print out and then read Chess Today on a train or over a cup of coffee. Thanks to PDF format (Acrobat Reader is available for free) readers are able to see and print chess fonts and diagrams even if they do not have them on their PCs.

Producing a daily chess newspaper is a rather bold idea, which requires a lot of work. GM Baburin does not do it alone - IM Vladimir Barsky, GM Ruslan Scherbakov and Graham Brown (technical editor) are other people behind this project.

The subscription is not free - Chess Today costs about $15 for 4 months, which is only about 12 cents per issue or 4-6 cents per page. As this newspaper can save you a lot of time searching chess sites every day and can also help you to learn more about chess, this may be a good deal. More information and a sample issue are available at www.chesstoday.net.

Free Gift for SubscribingIf you decide to subscribe at the Chess Today site please let us know at Contact Us and we will send you 10 free back issues of Chess Today.    

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