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Keith Marshall
kindly sent us an excellent article (check out if you recognise Mr Tut Tut?!) so we've asked him to write a little about chess in his area and send a game. We welcome contributions from far and wide. Also we look forward to welcoming Keith .. and any chess visitors to London We play social chess, mainly 5 or 10 minute, Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 8pm at the  Wargrave Arms, corner of Brendon Place and Crawford Street, W1. This is an excellent and friendly pub situated in the heart of London's West End. Nearest underground Edgware Road or Marble Arch. 

    I live in a small town called Heckmondwike, In West Yorkshire. I've been playing chess on and off since the Fischer Spassky match of 1972. I am 49 now though, I play chess for Polish CC  in the local Bradford league. But I swap and change a bit as I've played for 4 or 5 different teams all in the Bradford league though. I also played a few games for the Yorkshire second team in the late 70's early 80's and played a lot of tournaments at this time, my highest ever grade is 167 ( Killed a few brain cells off since then! ) but i now flounder around the 140 mark. My latest achievement was to come first 5.5/6 in the Halifax Major 1999.
    I like to play attacking chess, and I suppose I come under the specialist catagory 1.Nc3!?, I also usually risk losing, and go for the win, rather than accept a draw. I attach a game (although my opponent din't play that well) to show you what I mean. One last thing I really enjoy a couple of pints while I'm playing !!

Marshall,K - Harris,H [B07]





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