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"What I like about chess is that so many people play it for so many different reasons"


"Chess is big time sport"


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Check out this game by Diane Parsons in which she shows how to beat a computer called Fritz who thinks he can take the piss ...

Computer Crash

D Parsons V Fritz 5.32
Handicap and Fun Level

1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 Na6 3. Bf4 Bf5 4. e3 Bh3 5. gxh3 Nb4 6. c3 g5 7. Nxg5 Bh6 8. cxb4 f5 9. Ne6 a5 10. Bxh6 a4 11. Nxd8 Ra5 12. Bg7 b6 13. Nc6 a3 14. b3 e6 15. Nxa5 h5 16. Bxh8 c6 17. Qxh5+ Kd7 18. Qh7+ Kd6 19. Qxg8 Kc7 20. Qf7+ Kd8 21. Nxc6+ Kc8 22. Qxe6+ Kb7 23. Qxd5 Kc7 24. Ne5 f4 25. exf4 Kb8 26. Nxa3 Kc7 27. Qc4+ Kb8 28. Qb5 Kc8 29. Qc6+ Kb8 30. Qxb6+ Ka8 31. Bg2#

And White has 4 pawn islands but all her pieces, Black has just a King.



White to play and mate in one!


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