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Playing Away
Ghent Chess Open
Graham Brown

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Ghent 99 - Mark Huba in Action

We've just come back from the Strong Open Tournament in Ghent.

I list our performances to your right but they don't really matter that much!! This trip is about more than chess and no more than Beer and Dodgems ... and is to be recommended.

If you want to go next year just email me or speak to some of the old hands like Mark or Alisitair. Some of us stayed in the University Accommodation and this worked out at about 10 per night. Eurostar was quick and useful for drunken analysis on the way home and a mere 59, which took us all the way from Waterloo to Ghent. Has Alan really spoiled Colin's brilliancy? It's too soon to say!

A First for Diane 
Husband Alan reports on his wife's first victory in an open international tournament ...

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Van Den Abeele (1480) - Diane Parsons
Ghent Open 1999 Rnd 4

Black is winning can Diane grab her first victory in an international open?

26 Nc1

Thank you very much

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26. ... d4
27. Qb1 Bxa4
28. Qxa1 Qxc2
29. Ne2 Rb8
30. Nd4 Qb2
31. Qd1 Qxa3

Position after 31 ... c5

32. Qc2 c5 0-1

And another good sign for the future a totally winning position against a 1620, but still a creditable draw.

Diane Parsons - L Romondi (1620)
Ghent Open 1999 Rnd 5

Husband and Trainer Alan notes that here Diane misses the strong and spectacular Rd8 and the equally strong Qc7 and the game eventually drifts into a draw.

Well done Diane anyway, I've (graham) been playing for 30 years and I also got a draw with a 1600 player!!!

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Photos 1

Photos 2

Alan's Swiss Gambit
Alan throws away a draw against an FM - but we called it the "swiss gambit!"

Beethoven's Alan's 5th
Alan's mashing of a 2203 from Ghent

431 Competitors

Rick McMichael 6.5 (35th)
Colin Mckenzie 5.5 (113th)
Alan Parsons 5 (172th)
Graham Brown 4.5 (205th)
John Nyman 4.5 (220th)
Alistair Morton 4 (301st)
Mark Huba 3.5 (340th)
Gerald Parfett 3 (365th)
Ron Crooks 2.5 (388th)
Diane Parsons 2 (414th)

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